Hebrew Verb Tables

Ever wish you had a handy reference for conjugating Hebrew verbs with you at all times? I think we both know the answer to that question! It’s “yes” in case you were wondering. Fret no more! Hebrew Verb Tables allows you to quickly and easily look up the conjugation for over 3,300 verbs in all tenses including Present, Past, Future and Imperative! Search in English or in Hebrew!

As you read this, you’re wasting valuable time you could be using to look up all your favorite Hebrew verbs!

NOTE: You must be able to read Hebrew (with vowels) for this app to be useful to you.

Hebrew Verb Tables works on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and requires a minimum of iOS 3.0

Verbs can be searched by the Hebrew root (shoresh)…

… or by the English verb

Within the Tense View screen, scrolling up and down reveals all the forms for the tense listed at the top of the screen. Scrolling left and right reveals the other available tenses.

Attempting to scroll beyond the top of the tense screen reveals the translation and the most commonly used prepositions for the verb.

Verbs can be displayed with or without vowels depending on the user’s selection within the settings.