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I really enjoyed the Gus on the Go: Spanish app. I thought that the app was an excellent learning tool and I could definitely see learning Spanish vocabulary using this app. One feature that I really thought was great was how the vocabulary kept building – as you progress through the app and take quizzes – you will add categories and be quizzed on what you just learned and what you have learned in the prior sections to encourage vocabulary retention. If you are looking for an app to help teach your child a language – I would highly recommend the Gus on the Go series!The iPhone Mom

Gus on the Go introduces children to basic Spanish words with clear native-speaker audio. It is a fun way to start to learn Spanish and a useful vocabulary review for kids who have already started the language learning journey.
Spanish Playground

As parents we all know, the younger we start teaching kids a second language, the easier and better the learning experience will be. Gus on the Go is a great app teaching kids a second language at a young age. It is designed for toddlers and preschoolers, but I found myself learning some Spanish using the app.

Gus on the Go is a great educational app that helps children learn German.
Learning German has never been so fun! With many different types of word banks from animals to foods and several different game types and practice modes, Gus will definitely keep you going!
If you’re trying to get your kids learning German, this is surely a great game they’ll realize is pumping them with bilingual goodness.

Gus on the Go: Spanish is one of the better apps we’ve seen for basic Spanish vocabulary learning for preschool or kindergarten. The menu starts with a map of Mexico then presents vocabulary organized by topic area (animals, clothes, etc.). The app does a nice job of introducing new vocabulary, with different fun practice games that incorporate simple and effective motivation. The graphics are clean and fun and very age appropriate. Remember – since this is language learning for the pre-reader, this app needs to have the sound on.Mind Leap