Passionate about foreign languages and cultures, we focus on creating language learning apps that make it fun and practical for kids and adults alike.  Our team’s latest creation, Gus on the Go, is a fun and interactive language learning app where kids can discover new words and play fun vocabulary games. Gus on the Go is now available on the AppStore for iPad and iPhone and on Google Play for Android!


Meet the team


Yono is an international globetrotter and a fearless software developer.  His alter ego is Superman, but with technical skills.  He’s faster than a speeding tricycle, more powerful than a documentary made by a film student, and able to leap tall shrubs in a single bound.  If he’s not dreaming of our next game in our apps, he’s writing it.

Alice has a background in software development, but mainly has a heart for entrepreneurship.  If you could see her as a cartoon character, you would see ideas falling out of her ears and stars in her eyes.  As a mom of two very young children, she strives to create educational apps to help them become international polyglots and more importantly, not so picky eaters!